Here at Itali Lambertini we believe that our ethics define who were are.

Itali Lambertini is absolutely committed creating beautiful jewelry from 100% recycled metals and conflict free gems.  Therefore we are proud to purchase Harmony recycled precious metals from Hoover &  Strong.

Hoover & Strong’s statement about Harmony metals:

“All Harmony recycled precious metals at Hoover & Strong including gold, platinum, palladium and silver are 100% recycled. When it is necessary to obtain recycled metal from other sources, we buy metal from other earth-friendly refineries that, like us, only use recycled metal. We require any secondary refinery to provide in writing, full disclosure of their metal sources.

Harmony Recycled Metals were originally certified by SCS Global Services in 2009. We are audited every year by SCS, and have received the renewal certficates for 100% Recycled Precious Metals every year since then.”