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If you are looking for a special custom piece, we are happy to work with you to create your perfect item of jewelry. We have successfully worked with clients all over the world and guarantee your absolute delight!

Some things to consider when starting a conversation with us regarding a custom piece:

1. We offer 1 1/2 hours of consultation free of charge with your purchase.
2. Additional consultation time is billed at $100/hour starting with the 2nd hour.

To make the process as efficient and rewarding as possible please start thinking about the following:

1. do I want yellow gold or platinum?
2. if yellow gold, what karat, 18k or 22k?
3. do I want stones? If so, which sort or color?
4. do I want a design of some sort on the ring? If so do I have a picture/sketch?
5. what is my budget?

Having some idea of the answers to these questions will yield a much more satisfying and efficient design process!

With custom orders, we ask for a 50% deposit to purchase materials and put your project ‘in line’.

If we are working with you remotely, we will then take a photograph of the finished piece and will email it to you for your approval.